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LdD info and rules - please read

Postby DereksDontRun » Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:58 pm

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With the wealth of new faces I thought I'd post a little info about LdD and our history...

Libertas de Dominatus or LdD as a clan-tag and abbreviation

LdD History
LdD was formed on 25th Jan 2005 as an offshoot from our old outfit called Betas Blockers which was formed around late beta/release of Planetside, around May 2003. Without wanting to go into details stuff happened, people left and LdD was formed... The majority of the active Betas Blockers gamers went with us, so we're as close to a continuation of the BB clan for any other original Planetside gamers that are interested.

Libertas de Dominatus - what's it mean?
Well, it's meant to be dodgy pig-latin for something along the lines of "freedom from tyranny." Why the name was dreamt up when creating an outfit after trouble in the old one, no idea :roll: Whether the name meant something at the origin or not, it's still a relevant title for pretty much any game we play, so we've grown to it and hope other do to.

LdD Leadership
So, if it's all along the lines of freedom from a dictator who runs LdD? Well, no one in particular... We have a group leadership thing of long-term friends that respect each others thoughts and opinions. In games that we all play then we all kinda make decisions and support each other as a group and if any of us end up playing a game without the others then they usually take on the roll as a LdD figure-head within that game.
Within Planetside our original leaders were:
Coz, Crustion, DereksDontRun, Evander, Kensei, Mattd, Neery, Slavemaster, Vanumorrison, Xenoc
Due to real life, moving, growing-up, etc. some have left and long-term members have stepped into their shoes, so for Planetside 2 (expected to be our main game) our group leaders are:
Coz, Crustion, DereksDontRun, Evander, GinSoakedBoy, M0nk3y, Scopex, Vanumorrison, Xenoc
These are represented as The Council and shown in their group.

Outside of games and on this website there are a group of moderators that run the show, as it were, and are will to help out (or remove inappropriate content) as needed.

What is LdD?
We're an European clan of "mature" gamers - personally think of mature in age instead of like a cheese and smell... Off the top of my head I'd say we range from about 20 - 40 with the majority about the late 20s to early 30s. So, we're more understandable to real-world needs and realities and don't expect 15 hour gaming sessions day after day after day (or late nights on a work day) - god, it sounds so bad writing this...

We gained a respected reputation within European Planetside outfits as a highly effective team-work orientated outfit. This meant we rarely participated in the mindless zerg-rush and were more commonly found acting as either a tactical behind enemy lines operations or a fast-response outfit able to quickly leave where we were and defend our positions elsewhere on the map.

LdD Recruitment
We don't specifically have a recruitment policy - everyone is welcome, we don't want to put anyone off or discriminate in any way - so don't worry about the "can I join?" posts, just say hi and join in with us in any of our games. If you're enjoying yourself then add the LdD clan-tag if you so wish - we're not going to get upset if you don't, or if you leave after a couple weeks. Some games like battlefield or Team Fortress it helps to have the clan-tag if only to identify others quicker on the score-board and in-game ;) it's an ease thing instead of a branding :lol:

LdD Probation
All new members start with a 1 month probation period within each game, during this time if any rules are broken then you may well be removed from the outfit or given a warning. This trial-period gives you a taster of how we play as a group and enable you to decide if you like playing with us - and for us to decide if you fit within the play-style of LdD within that game.

If the game is still in beta then there is no way to assess how the game will play after release and how people with behave when servers are full, so this probation countdown timer will only start with the release of the game - i.e. anyone joining in a beta is within the probation-period until a month after release, irrespective the length of the beta. After the game's launch then it is a straightforward month.

LdD rules:
Sorry for a boring bit, but I feel I need to explain what we can and can't permit.
Having fun = cool.
being a dick = not so cool

Absolutely NO hacking, cheating or griefing - we play fair.
Absolutely NO discrimination, racism or hateful posts or behaviour to fellow members or anyone else.

Respect the advice, comments, requests or orders from the moderators or in-game leader-group. We're all wanting to have fun and if you're possibly being a little too close to being a dick then someone might ask you to calm it down, if so then please listen to any advice.

Don't just respect the chain of command but also your fellow outfit members - if they ask for help then be courteous and help out.

We don't demand members to be online at any time or for any amount of time, but would request that if you are online when an outfit night or event is in place, then please participate, join the rest of the outfit and do us proud. At any other time then you are free to do as you please (following the other rules) but it would obviously be nice to be part of the outfit and assist your clan-mates within their squads as much as possible.

Outfit nights and events
We are returning to Outfit nights from Planetside One on Sunday evenings, starting at 19:30 GMT (20:30 CET).

The Wednesday evening outfit night has been moved to Thursday evening (same meet-up time as on Sundays). This has been done so that LdD and the rest of the outfits in the Vanu Accord have at least one outfit night on the same evening, giving us the opportunity for joint operations against the fascists of the Terran Republic and their rebel offspring, the New Conglomerate. :mrgreen: Outfit nights are not mandatory but is simply letting people know that there will be others to squad with and trying to get more of us online at the same time.

Since you dont need to cert to use specific things unlike the original this gives us alot more flexibility on any theme/specific tactics we might want to use without having to pick specific themes weeks in advance.

These nights may include Magrider, Aircav nights or more close knit infantry cohesion.

SOE may host special events and they are to be treated like outfit nights - be part of the LdD team, supporting each other and participating in any task/plan we have organized. We will post details of any special events as and when we know about them.

There's been a lot of talk about PlanetSide but what other games do LdD play? Well, PlanetSide was our main one for a long LONG time so we hold it dear to our hearts. Over time as games have appeared we have created in-game clans and both gained and lost members/friends along the way. As a clan we've played a massive number of games eg. Battlefield 2 & 2142, Borderlands, Conan, EVE Online, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Star Wars, WoW.

At the moment, alongside Planetside 2 a few of us continue to play games like Battlefield 3, Diablo 3, Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, etc. (basically anything you see a TS channel for and posts on the forum about).

Games in the future that I know some of us are very interested in (and I'm sure we'll play together):
Battlefield 4, Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2

A few of us also have consoles and I have added a gamer-tag profile section to each user control panel to enter your details so people can add each other to friends lists. Saying that, I've not gone near my consoles in quite a while, so don't think I'm being rude by ignoring any request...

How to find us:
Well, you're already reading this on our main website ;D
For chat we use a TeamSpeak 3 server with details in this post
We also have a Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LdD (may have to ask for an invite)

So, if LdD is 7 years old then why is the website so empty? Well, we had been running libertasdedominatus.com for about a year or so and then the web-admin had problems with the site and host and it ground into the soil, so this site (ldd.org) was created about 5.5 years ago... It was created with a specific forum code which worked well but started to go a little wrong... helpfully the authors of the code split up years ago and thus there was no long-term future with the site and we decided to wipe the site and start afresh for Planetside 2 - so welcome to our new, clean (and quite empty) site. Bear with us as we develop the site with new graphics and populate the forum with mundane dribble...

If you have any questions or concerns then do not hesitate contacting a moderator who will be happy to help out. So, I hope you enjoy your stay and make some friends and fond memories along the way :D
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