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LdD Planetside Ranks (leadership-tree)

Postby DereksDontRun » Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:33 pm

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Min Requirement: newly joined member

This rank is for new members of the outfit. A new player when invited to the outfit will remain at this rank until it is ascertained they have the 'right stuff' to be an LdD Member. Outfit members in this rank are to be considered as 'on trial'. If you're inactive for 28 days and are still at this rank your character will be removed from the outfit.


Min requirement: Use TeamSpeak & In-game VOIP (Even if listen only) / Work within the outfit squads / Registered with forums. They must have been a trial member for a minimum of 14 days.
This rank is for our core soldiers. These are people who have proved themselves over time as active, able team members of LdD. Those of this rank, have proven that they are valuable members of the team. Consistent good play and teamwork will ensure your advancement through the ranks.


Min Requirement: A rank for those highly valued members who have shown dedication to the outfit for several years, and for those who have shown exceptional teamwork within Planetside 2 over a long period of time.

Selection – People may nominate others. Input will be sought by officers from members.
Selection – This is not a rank that will be attained through ticking the right boxes and hitting the right BR. This will only be decided by the Officers

This rank is for our elite of the elite soldiers, the old hands ect. These are troops that have proven themselves over time to be formidable members of the team and outfit.


Min Requirement: Assessed on a case by case basis and decided by Officers

This rank is for those officers who have distinguished themselves over time, both at a squad level and a platoon/outfit level. Those of this rank can be counted upon to further the outfit’s cause, both through their behaviour and knowledge in game, and on the forums. Those of officer rank are expected to provide support and training for new members, team oriented game play, advice and suggestions as well as be active participants on the forums. Successful platoon leadership’s abilities and proven experience is required for this role. The Officers job is to maintain the overall wellbeing of the outfit and its members, making sure it's well managed and achieves it goals.


This rank is reserved for the trustees of the outfit. They manage the running, recruiting and rules, co-ordinate LdD activity across other games and with other outfits, and have a shared love of cheesecake. They have a responsibility to attend the regular management meetings and participate in the active running of the outfit in at least one of the active games in which LdD have a presence. At any one time there shall be no more than 10 and no fewer than 8 trustees. Members may be removed from this role (by group consensus) if inactive for extended periods of time. If a new trustee is required, they will be appointed by consensus agreement by the remaining trustees

We do not have any one specific leader, the Council try to make all decisions as a group - so think of them all as your communal leader ;)

At the moment the Council are:
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