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LdD's Teamspeak info

Postby DereksDontRun » Tue Jul 24, 2012 10:52 pm

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LdD now shares it's TeamSpeak 3 server with The Vanu Accord at the following address: No Port Number
password: antispam

Please use the relevant channel for the game you are playing ;)

Need TeamSpeak? Then download it from TeamSpeak Download Page


With PS2 providing a number of VOIP options for squad, platoon and local chat, our TS channel is reserved for outfit communication. Because these channels get busy quickly, and communication is key, these are a set of guidelines that hopefully should help everyone get the information they need, while not getting blasted by a load of comms they don't.

1. Use push-to-talk. This is non-negotiable.
2. Squad chat should happen using ingame VOIP (Z by default). Anything that is relevant to just squadmembers goes here.
3. Platoon chat should happen using ingame VOIP (X by default). This should mostly be reserved for squadleaders, unless you're pointing out something that people over a wide area should be aware of. Do not spam this channel.
4. Outfit communication will happen in TS.
5. For the moment in-vehicle / custom channel VOIP is not activated, but is hopefully incoming.
6. Relaxed chat in TS is fine, but be aware of what is going on. If SL's are trying to organise something, shut up and let it get organised. If shit is hitting the fan, don't fill the airwaves - you'll only find people muting you.
7. If you're off doing your own thing outside of the main squad and platoon activity, feel free to go into one of the sub-channels, but please re-join the main outfit channel when you're done.

General notes on communication using VOIP.
1. Don't shout. You've got a microphone.
2. Be concise and clear. Think about what you're trying to communicate before saying anything.
3. If you're trying to give location information use North, East, South and West. "Over here" and "Over there" are useless, as is left and right - we're not all facing the same way.
4. Don't use clock directions. Again, we're not all facing the same way, and if you're in a turret it's not always obvious which direction the vehicle is facing or which way you are looking.
5. We are a pan-European outfit. For many of us, English is a second language. This includes our Northern UK brethren. Speak clearly, slowly,calmly, and avoid using slang.
6. Use the microphone test tools in Windows to make sure you're mic is working properly. If you're yelling at us and all we can hear is static and scratching there's not a lot we can do.
7. Because it bears re-iterating: Locations need to be related to an absolute, like "North of the tower". "Roof of B" is on the roof of point B. "Inside C on the right" is on the right as you go into C. Even "[name], behind you!" is fine as just a warning.It's also worth clarifying where you are talking about if we aren't all in one place. "C" becomes "Zurvan C" or "Crown C" or "Tower C", etc. as long as it's clear.


Good: TR max on North-West side of spawn building to the East, 100 metres.

Bad: MAAAAAAX!!! Over there! Over there, next to the rock. Look! Where' I'm shooting! Oh god, we're all going to die! Look, crustion's already dead! And Evander! GinSoaked is out of it! Oh god, there's bodies everywhere! Why's bobbus laughing? And what's he doing with his beamer?
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